Lauren Jauregui Cried at End of Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour

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Lauren Jauregui might have started out as part of a group, but now she’s ready to start her own solo career.

The singer talked to the Los Angeles Times about her upcoming album, and according to her, it’s been a super introspective journey.

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“It has been such an incredibly freeing process,” she said. “I’ve really let myself be guided by not having any inhibition about what I was gonna say or how it was gonna come out. And it’s really therapeutic, if nothing else, to be able to dive into my mind.”

The 22-year-old isn’t exactly new to the music industry. She was a part of Fifth Harmony for six years, but being a solo artist is a totally different game. It’s scary, for sure, but Lauren was able to test the waters by opening up on Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour… and she said it was so amazing that she cried!

“It was where I realized I can do this and that this was exactly what I was meant to do,” she told the publication. “I got to just be me — giving my energy with songs that I’d written and expressing myself with my choreography and what I wanted to wear. By the end of it, I was crying because it was so powerful.”

It sounds like LJ is happy to finally be on her own, and so are the other former FH members. Camila Cabello has a thriving solo career, Normani is already being called “the next Beyoncé,” Dinah Jane just released her first single and Ally Brooke has new music on the way! They’re all doing amazing on their own, but, TBH, they’ll probably always get compared to each other.

Lauren told the LA Times, “Whether I like it or not, the world’s going to compare me not only to every other female and male artist that exists, but obviously to my counterparts because of the group that I was in. We love to judge people and do polls about their existence, their art and whether it flopped or didn’t. When you’re writing from your heart like I am right now and creating music that really means something to you, the prospect of putting it out into the world and people debating whether it’s a flop or not is, truthfully, terrifying — crippling even.”

Buuuuuut, even with all that pressure, LJ won’t let the comparison stop her.

“I stop and remind myself that I’m talented,” she said. “I can write. I can sing. This is my gift. So, I can either listen to what everybody else says and compare myself to their standards, or I can just uplift my own standards and continue to better myself for myself.”

OMG, we’re so excited her new stuff! It reportedly won’t be out until next year, but we’ll be patiently waiting until then.