Music-Video Set Injury Leaves Fifth Harmony Girl Battling Serious Infection

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When fans learned that Taylor Swift “suffered” in the snow while filming the “Out of the Woods” music video in nothing but a dress, they praised her highly — anyone who puts that much dedication into their art should be applauded. You know what they say — the show must go on! And perhaps no one knows this better than Lauren Jauregui, who is currently performing while dealing with a serious health issue.

When the 19-year-old singer hit the stage with Fifth Harmony in Dubai, fans noticed that she had white bandages wrapped around her left knee. Lauren didn’t want to let any speculation start, so she quickly explained to the audience what was going on.

“I apologize in advance,” she said. “I have a knee infection, so I might not be going as hard with the choreo, I’m sorry. But I love you, we love you and we’re about to give you a great show.”

Here you can see the brunette talking about the situation:

But while Lauren told Harmonizers what she was dealing with, she didn’t go into too many details about what cause the infection; and that’s where her dad stepped in. According to Mike Jauregui, the “Worth It” crooner fell while filming 5H’s upcoming music video, which apparently ended up getting infected.

Scary stuff! It’s great to see Lauren still KILLING the performance game, but we hope she takes it easy so she can heal properly.

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