Fifth Harmony Girl Attacks the One Thing that has Saved Millions of People’s Lives

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With millions of people struggling with mental health issues on a daily basis, psychiatric help is sometimes a saving grace. But, according to Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, psychiatry is a “joke” and “not a real profession.” Umm…okay?

The 19-year-old brunette went on an over-the-top rant last night on Twitter and Instagram, attacking the mental health system for overly “drugging” young people. She wrote:

“Psychiatry is a joke. Not a real profession. You’re drugging our youth. Prescribing pills for sadness and creating a generation of misunderstood teens who are forces to understand their problems as things that can fill up pill bottles. F*** this mediacal system. Making money off of destroying young lives. Y’all should be ashamed.”

Almost immediately after the blowup was posted, Harmonizers let the “Worth It” singer know just how offensive the message was.

And, like in most cases of a celebrity acting hastily on social media, Lauren quickly deleted her post and replaced it with an apology.

We appreciate the fact that Lauren owned up to her mistake, but we truly hope none of her fans will take her initial words to heart and be deterred from seeking help if they need it.

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