The Badass Reason Why This Internet Star is Passionate About Feminism

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Lauren Giraldo may have started as a Vine Star, but now that the social media app officially dunzo, she’s moved on to become mainstream entertainer, starring in a new Fullscreen show called Lady Bits, releasing new music and officially going on her first tour. Whew — she’s busy! But just because she has a lot on her plate doesn’t mean she puts the issues she feels strongly about on the back burner.

The 19-year-old is super passionate about feminism, which is why she decided to be a part of the new series.

“We live in a pretty sexist society and we have different standards for what girls should be and what boys should be and we treat girls unfairly. So, I kind of give my point on it and I talk about a lot of personal stories and a lot of things that I had to deal with and how a lot of things are just unfair,” she told us about why she wanted to jump on board LB. “You know, opening people’s eyes and bringing awareness to some things that I think a lot of people maybe never thought a lot about.”

While some people usually think that going under the knife stands in direct opposition to girl power, the Camp Unplug star actually thinks that making those types of decisions for yourself is exactly what feminism is about. That’s why she was totally unfazed when haters starting coming at her for her decision to get lip fillers!

“I just wanted to do it! I remember when I first originally got [my lips] done it was like, ‘Oh, she must be insecure,’ or, ‘Oh, she’s plastic,’ ‘She’s fake,’… ‘Oh, you wanna be Kylie Jenner?’ I feel like everyone just wants a reason or a justification or something from you. It’s like, Why? Why can’t I just do whatever I want with my body without your opinion?”

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That’s not the only time that the teen felt it was necessary to stick up for elective operations on behalf of herself and feminism as a whole.

“I made a video that I wanted to get my boobs done. It was a super casual mention I was like, ‘My boobs are too big. They hurt my back and I want to get my boobs done just because they’re too big and I’m too short and I really, genuinely have back problems.’ And all the mentions were super supportive like, ‘Oh do what you want,’ which is great! But then I thought about it and I thought that if I super casually mentioned that I wanted to get my boobs bigger, that wouldn’t be the response,” she explained. “If both surgeries are altering your breasts, then why is there a stigma towards one? Because society thinks that if you’re altering your body to be sexier, or more attractive, then you must be wanting a certain kind of attention, you must have issues, or you’re insecure. But when I casually mentioned I wanted smaller boobs it was totally fine. It’s just such a double standard. Meanwhile, both things would just be me doing what I want with my body.”

We totally agree! Despite her desire to encourage female empowerment, she doesn’t necessarily want to be a “role model.”

“When I first started [getting big on Vine] people would ask me, ‘So, what’s it like to be a role model?’ and I was like, ‘I never signed up for that. I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ It was just weird and I felt like it was something that was put ON me.”

Even if Lauren doesn’t necessarily identify with the term “role model,” she’s totally doing her part to help set a good example.

“I try to be mindful that everything I do will be seen by young girls so the way that I treat people, the way that I talk about people. Especially in my day to day life I try to tell my friends like, ‘Hey, maybe you shouldn’t call her that. Maybe you should just be accepting.'”

The Miami-native’s new single, “Only Lovers” releases is available now and she kicks of her tour in San Francisco on February 15th. The tour, which hits several major U.S. cities (and even goes to Canada for a show!) will be a mix of original music and covers, but Laur had an exciting announcement for the fans who would be deciding to come out and hear her new tunes in person.

““I’m going to be meeting everyone who comes to my tour and I’m so excited about that!”

We’re sure Lauren isn’t the only one who is enthused about that special detail! More info on her new music and the tour can be found here!

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