One of Your Favorite YouTube Stars is Dating Chloe Moretz’s Ex-Boyfriend

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Lauren Elizabeth (Luthringshausen) has been not-so-subtly hinting that she has a new man in her life for over a month, but the YouTube star didn’t confirm the news until recently. The 22-year-old posted a video titled ‘COOKING MY BOYFRIEND DINNER FOR THE FIRST TIME!’ over the weekend where she — you guessed it — told her millions of subscribers that she is, in fact, dating actor and Chloe Grace Moretz‘s ex-boyfriend, Cameron Fuller. But before we talk about that, let’s go over all the hints she’s dropped in the past few weeks.

First, the Betch star posted this picture on Instagram:

Then, about a week ago, she uploaded a WAY more obvious shot.

Cam and Laur’s relationship seemed pretty obvious, but people tried not to assume too hard — it’s not like celebrity BFFs have never smooched each other in the past! But then the aforementioned video happened, where the YT star said, “So, I’m sure you guys have figured out that I have a boyfriend. I’m dating Cameron and obviously I posted on Instagram pictures that are very clear. We’ve been dating for a little bit now. We obviously started as friends and then started dating.”

Sooooo cute!

Lauren is just one YouTuber who broke free from social media to star in a feature-length film: