YouTubers LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi Break Up After 3 Years Together

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2018 is NOT a good year for seemingly powerful YouTube couples. Liza Koshy and David Dobrik ended their relationship in June, which literally broke our hearts into pieces, and now another one of our faves, Lauren Riihimaki, a.k.a. LaurDIY, and longtime boyfriend Alex Wassabi decided to break up.

The YouTube stars, who have been dating for about three years, announced the split on September 15 in a video plainly titled “we broke up.”

The 28-year-old tells fans, “Right now we feel like what’s best for us is we take some time apart. But that doesn’t mean Laurex is dead — Laurex is taking a nap.”

“Basically, we just feel like we both need specific things and we’re not fully on the same page and so we have to take time apart so that we can be on the same page,” Laur adds through tears. “So, for us to be able to come back stronger and better, we have to take time and focus on ourselves.”

The 25-year-old calls her time in a relationship with Alex the “best three years of [her] life” and assures everyone that the breakup did not come because of cheating or a big fight or anything of the sort. The YouTubers simply decided that their time together, while amazing, had to come to an end.

“We kind of just had to have a serious conversation and talk about where we were and where we were headed and if we were on the same page,” the Canadian explains.

Alex and Lauren will both be taking a short break from social media to spend time with family and friends, but promise to return soon and create the best content possible.

Ultimately, the YT stars want their Pretty Little Wassabians to know they’re still best friends and will always love each other.