The Austin & Ally Finale Moment That Laura Marano Says Will Shatter Hearts

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It’s coming, people; the much-anticipated (slash dreaded) series finale of Austin & Ally airs on Disney channel on January 10th, and our hearts already can’t handle it. What will we do without weekly Ross LynchLaura Marano cuteness?! It’s definitely going to be tough. But you know who else is gonna go through a bit of an A&A mourning period? The stars of the show, of course!

When we ran into Laura at Z100’s Jingle Ball 2015 at Madison Square Garden in NYC, she gushed about the incredible finale, as well as told us the scene that’s definitely going to make her (and fans) sob the hardest. Should we just get the tissues ready now? In addition to finding out details about the last episode of Austin & Ally, the 20-year-old actress and singer also spilled about hanging with her cast mates, meeting Harry Styles, and doing some pretty embarrassing things in 2015. Check out the full interview below!


We can’t believe Austin & Ally is so close to being done! Since it’s been so long since the finale was filmed, do you think you’re going to cry when you watch it?
“For sure!”

Is there one scene that you think people will really lose it when they see?
“The last scene! The worst is that we filmed it out of order. We had to go through the last episode first, so that was emotional, then we had to go through the actual last episode of filming. It was like going through it twice in a row for two weeks straight. It was so emotional and I will for sure cry again.”

Ugh, that sounds so tough! Have you still seen and hung out with the cast since wrapping?
“You know, our schedules are super crazy, but we talk to each other; group chat is a great invention. We try to see each other as much as we can. Sometimes I’ll see Raini [Rodriguez] here or Calum [Worthy] there, so we try to work it out.”

Switching subjects a bit, we saw you at the LA Jingle Ball a few weeks ago and we saw a picture of you with Harry Styles! What was that like to meet him? Were you freaking out?
“I held it together so well, let me tell you! He was so nice. It was short and so glorious and so incredible. I was like, ‘I can die now.'”

2015 is wrapping up, so looking back, what was your most embarrassing moment?
“There were a lot for sure! I have so many it’s hard…I’m really clumsy and I fall a lot. Actually, so I’m going to college right now, and I was walking to class and there was nothing in my way. It was flat ground, and I still fell on my face. I wasn’t with my friends, so it was kind of low key, but to the two people that saw, I was like, ‘…hey.'”

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