Laura Lee Returns to YouTube After Hiatus with Another Apology Video

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Laura Lee has not made a YouTube video, tweeted or posted a picture on Instagram in over a month, taking time off from social media after old racist tweets were exposed. While the 30-year-old apologized in video form several days after the scandal broke, people called her out for being insincere and simply saying sorry because she got caught. The beauty guru has since deleted that video, not because she wants to “hide it…or pretend it didn’t happen,” but because it “does not represent the human being [she is] today.”

Laura returned to YT earlier today and made a video to replace that initial apology, this time maintaining her composure and owning up to her mistakes.

“I owe you guys a sincere apology,” she explains in the vid plainly titled ‘Lets Chat: 9-25-18.’ “In that video I come off more as a victim; I am not a victim in any way, form or fashion in this situation.”

laura lee returns youtube

YouTube (laura88lee)

She continues, “I take full responsibility for the things that I re-tweeted and the things that I tweeted six and a half years ago. I am truly sorry. I have changed so much as a human being in the past six and a half years; I have grown so much and have gained so much knowledge and respect. I know that prejudice and stereotypes are not funny ever in any way, fashion or form. I know that is nothing to joke about and I understand that. Through the situation I have grown and I have learned so much and I’m gonna continue to learn and grow.”

The beauty guru says she took the time off to reflect on past and think about her future as an influencer, including the responsibilities she needs to take on from hereon out.

“I literally have millions of people watching me,” she explains. “I am a role model and I have to stand for more and I have to do a better job.”

The video concludes with her saying, “I want to help this whole community that right now is not in a good place to turn it around and put it in a beautiful place where we come to beauty to grow together and to feel good again.”

The Alabama native wants to show subscribers the “pretty cool things” that don’t involve makeup, but rather “growing as a human and being a good person” she did while she was away from YouTube and promises to “get back to [her] passion” soon.