Laura Lee Sobs in Video as She Apologizes for Past Racist Tweets

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Last week, YouTube star Laura Lee found herself in hot water after she was exposed for being racist on Twitter back in 2012. The beauty guru deactivated her Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the backlash, but finally decided to stop hiding and issued an apology statement on Twitter. A few days ago, she said she was taking time to “process and reflect on this situation” but finally made her return to YT with an emotional apology video.

The 29-year-old said through tears in the vid that was posted on August 19 and already has almost two million views, “I’m so sorry for disappointing you. It hurts me so bad to disappoint you all who have supported me for so many years. And know that I’m better than that person. Six years ago, I decided to retweet things that were so vile and hurtful. I was so stupid and ignorant and I have no excuses here today; I’m not here to give you an excuse. I’m only here to say that I’m so sorry and I hope one day that you guys can see me for the woman that I am and that I can prove to you guys that I’m not that girl.”

“I feel so disappointed that I don’t even like to look at myself because I can’t even believe I would retweet ugly things that would hurt people,” she sobbed as the video progressed. “I can’t believe I couldn’t see the pain behind that kind of tweet and that kind of behavior. And I am so sorry; there’s no excuse.”

But fans aren’t buying it. You see, Laura apologized for retweeting hurtful posts, but she never mentioned the actual racist words that she put out herself back in 2012.

laura lee racist tweet

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The YouTuber is being called out hardcore as a result and is, in turn, being told that her apology isn’t sincere because she can’t even own up to her own racism.

The beauty guru celebrated hitting 5 million subscribers on YouTube at the end of July, but has lost hundreds of thousands of viewers since the scandal happened.

Laura explained that she “needs some time now,” so it can be assumed that she will be taking a bit of a break from YouTube and social media for the foreseeable future.