The 6 Best YouTube Videos of Laughing Babies

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Whether you’ve had a rough morning or a bad day at school, we’ve found the perfect pick-me-up. Seriously, there’s no possibility that you won’t crack a smile while watching these. And it’s such a simple concept, too. Two words: laughing babies. So cute!

1. Do you hear that infectious laugh? It’s like Donald Duck, in baby form…

2. Guess they know what to get this kid for the holidays: a paper shredder.

3. We wish this classic YouTube video came with subtitles. You know these talking twins were onto something good.

4. Who knew hiccups could be so entertaining?

5. FAVORITE! First he’s scared out of his mind because his mama’s blowing her nose, then the happiest baby of all time.

6. Now imagine all of the above — times 4!

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