What Do Bella Thorne, Carlos Pena, Tyler Posey and Selena Gomez Have in Common? Read On…It’s Spicy! (Pics)

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Demi Lovato, Carlos Pena, Victoria JusticeDiego Boneta — besides the fact that they’re all TV stars (and totally gorg!), what’s another thing they have in common? Their backgrounds. It’s made obvious by stars such as Naya Rivera and Selena Gomez that they’re Latino, but before we checked out Latina magazine’s “25 Most Beautiful Latinos Under 25,” we had no idea that a majority of our fave stars come from a Hispanic heritage. (Bella Thorne, really?!) So in order to embrace the cultures of our fave Latino/a stars, check out who made the list and where their fams are from!

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Tyler Posey

The Teen Wolf cutie is 1/2 Mexican, but with that bod, he could actually be half werewolf and we really wouldn’t care.

The Victorious star’s last name may descend from her Irish father, but Victoria Justice can’t hide her 1/2 Puerto Rican beauty under her tan skin.

We’ve always known Selena Gomez is Spanish, but more specifically? She’s naturally part Mexican.

Though you would think Bella Thorne’s flowy red hair would give her away as a full-blown Irish girl, she shakes it up by being 1/2 Cuban.

Carlos Pena gives us a big time rush of Spanish heritages: He’s Dominican, Spaniard and Venezuelan!

Although Demi Lovato’s life continues to be unbroken, one thing that will never change? Her 1/2 Mexican background.

No wizardry here. Cutie pie Jake T. Austin’s looks stem from his Puerto Rican-slash-Argentinian-slash-Spaniard roots.

The Secret Life‘s resident bad girl, Francia Raisa, gets her sassy attitude from her Mexican and Honduran family.

Glee‘s Naya Rivera makes for the ultimate Santana Lopez with the help of her 1/2 Puerto Rican nationality.

We’ve got a secret, but def can’t keep it: Diego Boneta’s one spicy Mexican hottie!

Hey, Bruno Mars! We found out you’re 1/2 Puerto Rican, and we heart you just the way you are because of it!

Justin Bieber must have a ‘thing’ for beautiful Spanish girls because his ex, Jasmine V, is part Mexican like his current girlfie.

Joe Jonas prob cried after he could see no more of gorg Brazilian Camilla Belle.

You can try to make it or break it, but you totally can’t fake Josie Loren’s unbelievably glowy Cuban complexion.

Singer Kat DeLuna push pushes boundaries with her killer Dominican looks and background.

He may have been an American Idol finalist, but David Archuleta’s heritage could easily win him the title if there was a Honduran edition.

Sara Paxton

Blond hair, blue eyes? Swedish, German? Nope! The Shark Night 3D star is actually 1/2 Mexican!

Lourdes Leon knows how to get into the groove like her mama (Madonna!) and her 1/2 Cuban roots.

For the whole list, visit latina.com! Did you know everyone on this list was from a Latino background? Who was the biggest shocker? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments!