6 Strong Latina Actresses Who Played a Queer Character on a Teen TV Show

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It’s so awesome that there has been such a clear push to include more LGBTQ+ characters in all forms of media — from the movies we’re watching, to the books that we’re reading and obviously the TV shows we’re tuning into weekly. However, just because a queer person is featured in a program doesn’t always mean that it’s the right representation.

Have you noticed how many fan-fave LGBT TV characters just so happen to be white and male? In fact, a 2015 GLAAD study found that 69 percent of queer characters featured on broadcast networks are white and 57 percent are men. We love Kurt on Glee, but considering he was the poster child for LGBT characters in the media for a while says a lot.

But some teen television series are challenging the status quo and presenting more diversity by writing characters who are both queer and Latina because, let’s face it — people fall under a range of different identities and it’s important that all of them are equally represented. See the gallery below to check out six amazing Latina actresses fighting against cultural norms by portraying LGBT women on the small screen.