Spotlight! 10 YouTube Videos for Last-Minute DIY Halloween Prep

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So, umm, did Halloween just sneak up on you like it did us? As much as we’ve been preparing for the spook-fueled holiday what with the classic films, party decoration hacks and stages of actually planning out one’s costume, there hasn’t exactly been much time to put a cohesive and original look together. Fortunately, these 10 YouTube videos may be able to help all of you procrastinators (including us) out there with some last-minute Halloween prep:

Instagram Selfie (1:00 mark)
All you need is paper or cardboard to do it up like Beyonce did this Halloween.

The Great Gatsby Flapper
Now if only there was a way to walk around with Leonardo DiCaprio on your arm…

Agnes, Despicable Me
“Does this count as annoying?”

Katy Perry, “Roar”
Hope it’s not too chilly out for ya!

To keep on the Despible Me Agnes train, “It’s so fluffy!”

Wonder Woman
The girly, not-as-sexy/cold version. Phew.

Lady Gaga, “Born This Way” Skeleton
You probably already have all the pieces in your ‘drobe.

Where’s Waldo? (3:05 mark)
Trust AndreasChoice — she always knows what she’s doing.

Bleeding Eye Socket (5:58 mark)
If you take Halloween over-the-top seriously, then this is the perfect way to freak everyone out.

’80s Chick
’cause girls just wanna have fuh-un.

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