O-M-Glee! Was the Gleeks’ Version of “Last Friday Night” Better Than Katy’s? (Vid)

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Something tells us that Darren Criss is a fan of Katy Perry. Or at least a fan of her song “Last Friday Night.” First, he was in the actual music video for the track. (Maybe ’cause she heard his sweet rendition of “Teenage Dream?”) Then he performed the song with Keenan Cahill. Now, he’s the soloist for it on next week’s ep of Glee! And we think Katy better watch out — because the gleeky version is almost as fun as hers!

Watch both below and tell us whose is better — Katy’s or the gleeks’!

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Glee version

Katy Perry version

Well, thoughts?! We know Darren’s rendition was killer. But is it better than the original? You tell us!