Lana Condor Felt ‘Triggered’ by One Scene in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

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When we watch movies or TV shows, we sometimes find ourselves emotionally triggered by the storyline. For the actors in the scene, however, those triggers can seem so much more real, and based on Lana Condor‘s recent interview with Elle magazine, it seems that one scene from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was particularly triggering.

Lana told the mag, “The scene with my dad in the diner when he takes me out and talks to me about my mom — I could relate to that. I honestly felt like I was talking to my real dad.”

In the movie, Lana’s character Lara Jean lost her mom, and filming the scene with her on-screen father, John Corbett, brought up emotions about her birth mother that she didn’t quite anticipate before reading the script.

She said, “When I first read the scene with John [Corbett], I got really emotional because I did think of my birth mother, and not knowing who she is and where she is and what she’s doing and if she’s alive. That triggered me more than I thought it would.”

Lana Condor adopted birth mother scene


Lana also told Elle that, although she wasn’t expecting to feel triggered in any way, she wound up being able to use those raw emotions to make the scene even better and more relatable to viewers.

She said, “It’s funny because I don’t think about my birth mother a lot because I never knew her. Those moments are when you’re accidentally forced to bring your real life onto camera.”

So, what was the most emotional part of the scene for Lana? Well, she specifically mentioned the part when Lara Jean’s dad showed her the photo of her mom dancing in the Corner Café, since it really got her thinking about what her birth mom might’ve looked like.

“That was a very real moment for sure,” she said. “I was thinking to myself, my [adoptive] mom is my mom, and I love her to the end of the world. But I just never thought of my [birth] mom as Asian. When I saw the picture of my mom in the scene it really took me by surprise.”

TBH, that was an extremely emotional scene to begin with, but it’s interesting to know that so many of those emotions were real for Lana, and now that we know the story behind why it was so triggering for her, it makes the scene much more special. Wouldn’t you agree?