Lamar Odom Sends Khloe Kardashian Well Wishes After Pregnancy Rumors

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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian may no longer have ties to each other, but that doesn’t mean the two are on bad terms after they separated. KoKo’s ex-husband stopped by Complex NewsEveryday Struggle chat show to talk about his new tell-all book, and he’s got something to say about his former love. (Don’t worry, it’s positive.)

Naturally, the three hosts of the show brought up Lamar’s past marriage to the reality star, and if you’re expecting some dirt, you’re going to be very disappointed. Although the topic of Khloe’s possible pregnancy came up, Lamar sidestepped that discussion and revealed that the former couple are actually still cordial with each other. When asked if he’s “still cool” with his ex, Lamar simply replied, “I mean, from a distance. I wish her well.” The former NBA star added, “I still got love for her.” Just because Khloe and Lamar have gone their separate ways doesn’t mean there are any hard feelings!

The conversation then moved on from Khloe to the entire Kardashian family when the 37-year-old was asked if he has any resentments towards the reality TV family. “That’s not the way my soul works,” he said. In addition to that question, the Everyday Struggle crew asked Lamar if he thinks the Kardashians target basketball players, to which Lamar commented, “Do I think they target basketball players? No.” But don’t worry, that wasn’t the end of all the Kardashian talk.

Lamar was later prompted to talk about his relationship with ex-sister-in-law Kim Kardashian‘s husband Kanye West. “Kanye is a good dude. He was there for me when I was in a coma, he was there for me when I woke up,” he explained. “I would say our [our relationship] probably deteriorated with all the other relationships that were built. But it’s like that sometimes. It’d probably be weird [to contact Kanye now]. But I would have no problem with it.”

It’s nice to know that even though they’re no longer together, Lamar has nothing but love for his ex-wife. Khloe and Lamar’s whirlwind of a romance started when they met in 2009 and ultimately ended in December 2016.