Guess the Celeb! Hint: These Pics May Leave You “Speechless”

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In an attempt to not to be as obvious as we were with “Guess the Celeb” with Dianna Agron and Vanessa Hudgens, we’ll just say this… Along with this recently released photo, this pop icon tweeted the following statement:

“You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don’t love yourself.”

Honestly, we think this might be her — yes, it’s a her! — worst look yet, but let’s try to keep that between you and I us. Oops, was that too much of a giveaway? Take a guess and click on to see if you’re correct!

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OMG, it’s Lady Gaga! Mother Monster released this image as the cover art to her newest single, “You and I.” Uhh, okay… We’re pretty sure we don’t understand the relation. Listen to the song below and tell us if you think this song and the pics match up.