Lady Gaga Gets Waxed in Londontown

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We know, we know, Gaga’s “k-kinda busy, k-kinda busy.” So busy, in fact, that she really needs to be in more than one place at once — and now she (kinda) can!

Little monsters, we introduce to you Lady Gaga’s Madame Tussauds wax figure. She got honored with seven sculptures, one at each of the museum’s international locations, each donning a different crazy Gaga ensemble. (Wonder what our BFF Sally Stewart would think of them?) The one pictured here is her London version, wearing her notable “Telephone” hat that she wore in the music vid and on a visit to a British talk show earlier in the year.

But can you tell which is the real Gaga and which is her wax counterpart?

That’s the real Gaga on the right — and her wax figure on the left! How creepy is the resemblance?!