An Old Tweet by Lady Gaga Resurfaced and is Now a Relatable AF Meme

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Lady Gaga has a way with words. Throughout her lengthy and successful career, the 32-year-old has written incredible lyrics, made iconic speeches and touched the lives of millions with just the things that come out of her mouth. But, as is always the case, Gaga is currently being recognized for something she wrote that actually makes zero sense and was probably never meant to blow up.

Back in 2012, the A Star is Born actress tweeted a series of letters and numbers in an example of a classic keyboard slam we’ve all done at one point or another.

We aren’t sure how and we aren’t sure why, but this particular tweet has made a comeback and is now circulating around Twitter as the week’s latest meme that’s actually pretty dang relatable. Sometimes, you just have to ‘ADFLSHL:ADJS:HJCFBLBVGHVGghv,’ ya know?