Listen Up! This is “The Greatest Thing” to Happen to Gaga… This Week, At Least

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We gotta admit, Lady Gaga‘s brand-spanking-new “You and I” music vid almost shook our confidence in Mother Monster. But fortch, our faith in her is now restored thanks to this freshly leaked demo for “The Greatest Thing,” written by the Gagster herself. And apparently, the song’s a collab effort between her and the legendary Cher. PLUS, it was just announced that Gaga’s performing at the 2011 MTV VMAs! Best week ever? We think yes.

Click on to listen to the demo, plus sneak a peek at some of the lyrics!

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“I don’t know why you’re hurt inside
Or what was said to make you cry
I hope that you can see
You are the greatest thing to me and when
You feel like you’re not enough
I’ll give you wings, I’ll lift you up
I hope that you can see you are
The greatest, greatest thing to me”

What do you think of the new track? Is Gaga losing her touch, or is she on the edge of glory? Sound off in the comments!