Lady Gaga Tattoos Back of Her Head During ‘Fame’ Perfume Launch

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We’ve seen her in a meat dress and watched her cross-dress at the VMAs (remember Jo Calderone?), and yet Lady Gaga still finds ways to shock us all. In fact, just the other day, she shaved her head in honor of famed photographer Terry Richardson’s mother, who recently passed away from cancer. But if you thought that was shocking, wait until you hear what went down at her Fame perfume launch late last night.

In front of an entire audience, including a live-stream to her online Little Monsters, Mother Monster took the plunge and got herself permanently inked with an angel on the back of her scalp. (That sounds like it would hurt more than any of the other celebrity tattoos we’ve heard of.) Except, unlike the removal of her hair, which was to build awareness and for an actual cause, Lady G says the Renaissance-era cherub is supposed to pay homage to her Italian heritage. Check out a picture of her new tattoo in full below:


As for her fragrance, which the event was supposed to be about, but instead turned into a debate about her new ink, Gaga confesses the inspiration behind it actually had nothing to do with ‘fame.’ Instead, she admits, “I wanted it to be very sexy. And, I also wanted it to be a little bit sl*tty. I wanted it to have that sort of danger of a really beautiful stripper.” Umm, no comment.

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