20 Things Lady Gaga Looked Like During her Super Bowl 50 Performance

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Last year, Katy Perry resembled quite a few things during her Super Bowl halftime performance. And while Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars managed to keep things pretty tame during this year’s show, it was Lady Gaga whose outfit opened the door for countless memes. You win again, Internet!

1. A competitive cheerleader:

2. This iconic Shrek character:

3. And THIS one:

4. Effie Trinket:

5. Pizza:

6. Team Flare:

7. Shahna from Star Trek:

8. A tentacle beard:

9. The Heat Miser:

10. This Broadway character:

11. StarCraft’s Sarah Kerrigan:

12. A Thundercat:

13. The White Witch:

14. Lola from Shark Tale:

15. Mimi Bobeck:

16. Immortan Joe:

17. Dolly Parton:

18. This Mexican band:

19. A French pop star:

20. Pokemon’s Blaziken:

Watch the full video of Lady Gaga’s incredible performance here:

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