The Alloy Click: Is Lady Gaga Really The Style Icon Of The Year? Um…

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JSYK, we’re part of the Alloy family (a.k.a. the people behind Gossip Girl, maybe you’ve heard of it?). Check out what our besties have been up to!

Lady Gaga won the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s coveted Style Icon of the Year award. Wait, the same Gaga who wore a meat dress? Srsly? [ChannelOne]

Rihanna has had no shortage of scandals, but she’s just now opening up about her no good father. RiRi can’t catch a break. [gURL.com]

Speaking of Rihanna, the singer admitted that after struggling for years, she’s finally accepted her curves. Um, hottest body in Hollywood. [GossipGirl.net]

Who knew Bonnie Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries was such an incred dancer and singer? We’re obsessed. [VampireDiaries.com]

Aria came across Ezra‘s ex-fiance on Facebook, and got totes jealous. Has that ever happened to you? Guilty as charged. [PrettyLittleLiars.com]

Would you date, kiss, or dump James Newman? If he’s anything like his Skins character, no thanks. [Alloy.com]