Morning Announcements: Would Lady Gaga Ever Get Plastic Surgery?

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Turns out Lady Gaga is totally anti-plastic surgery… except for those weird horns on her shoulders, of course. [Us Magazine]

You know that rumor that Nicki Minaj is teaming up with Britney Spears for her summer tour? IT’S TOTALLY HAPPENING! [Zap2it]

Scream 4‘s Nico Tortorella is eyeing the roll of the villian in the upcoming thriller Odd Thomas. Anyone else think he’d be perfect?! [Hollywood Reporter]

Hunger Games fans think Jennifer Lawrence is way too unexcited about being Katniss in the blockbuster.  Is she too blasé about her big role? [E!]

A first look at graduation on 90210! No one on Earth could look as cute as Matt Lanter in a grad gown. [TV Guide]

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not, you gotta see the trailer for Daniel Radcliffe‘s next book movie. [Popeater]