Lady Gaga’s Hair is Now Pink: Like or Dislike?

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When it comes to Lady Gaga, it’s not usually her hair that we’re looking at (unless it’s that hairy dress that she once wore, on the other hand). Her clothes (meat dress, anyone?) are what really get us talking. But yesterday at the launch of Polaroid’s new products in Las Vegas, Gaga debuted a new pink ‘do (how Nicki Minaj of her!) that we kind of love.

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And what do we also kind of love? Those glasses Gaga’s sporting. They’re one of the latest Polaroid projects Gaga’s been working on with the brand that TAKE PICTURES. Yes, glasses that snap photos. Leave it to Gaga to be an innovator of technology too.

So, do you like or dislike Gaga’s new ‘do? Click for closeups and tell us what you think!

So, thoughts, anyone?