From Our BFFs: Are You Ready For Another Lady Gaga Single… AND Music Video?

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“Marry the Night?” No. “Hair?” Prob not. Ugh, we have absolutely NO idea what Lady Gaga could do next. But we do know the she’s releasing a new single and vid very soon… [Popdust]

Considering his latest single, it makes sense that David Archuleta would try to distract people. How? With the relaunch of his official website. Uhh, congrats? [Just Jared Jr.]

More scenes from the final Harry Potter flick keep coming out. But this one has us saying, “WTH?” [JSYK]

Speaking of HP, Daniel Radcliffe publicly announced that he wants kids. And a lot of them. Aww, can’t wait for baby Potterheads. [Cambio]

Troian Bellisario is so like her PLL counterpart, Spencer Hastings. If you don’t count Spencer’s uptight, intrusive or bossy personality, we def see the resemblance… [4TNZ]

Finally we can find out what’s going on with Delena! The Vampire Diaries cast is now filming season 3! [Wetpaint]

If you thought Taylor Swift and Blake Lively were pretty, you should check out their brothers! Good looks def run in the fam. [Seventeen]

Ashlee Simpson‘s ex, Pete Wentz, has moved on… to a Gossip Girl star! Could Leighton Meester have another boy toy? [Posh24]

Our fave trainwreck Lindsay Lohan just graced the newest cover of Italian Vanity Fair. The photos were taken at her home. While she was under house arrest. When she was wearing ankle monitors. Good call, VF! [Hollywire]

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