Listen Up! Lady Gaga’s Next Born This Way Single is…

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Marry the NightThank. God. Sorry to all the Little Monsters out there, but we were seriously in need of a different Lady Gaga tune. We’re def not haters of “You and I,” but who makes SIX music vids for one song?! Bor-ing. Anway, Mother Monster’s about to release her fifth single from her Born This Way album, and it’s def going back to her more dance-tastic roots. Wanna know which one she picked? We’ll give you a hint: It kinda-sorta has to do with the pic to the left…

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According to Idolator, it’s “Marry the Night”! “Hair” was probs our first choice, but we’ll def take “Marry…” If you haven’t heard it yet, we’ve got it for ya below!

Did Gaga make the right choice with “Marry the Night”? What’re your top 5 faves off Born This Way? Our picks are below, so tell us yours in the comments.

  1. Born This Way
  2. The Edge of Glory
  3. Hair
  4. Government Hooker
  5. Marry the Night