You Seriously Need To Watch (All 13 Minutes of) Gaga’s Craziest Music Video Yet (Video)

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Lady Gaga Marry the NightSo ya know how there’s this thing called The Twilight Saga? We think there should also be this thing called The Gaga Saga. Because every single one of Lady Gaga‘s cray cray music videos is like another chapter in a really creepily weird yet totally awesome book. Seriously.

The first 2 minutes of Gaga’s “Marry the Night” is her voiceover, kinda like Bella’s in Twilight. And the next part of the music video vid takes place in an insane asylum circa 1965 which, uh, is sorta like Forks High School 2011? Whatever. You get it. Just watch the 13-minute long (!) video below! And just FYI, the actual song doesn’t start until about 9 minutes in:

So it’s not just us. That was weird, right? Do you think Gaga’s vids are too over-the-top or do you kinda like them? You really need to let us know in the comments