Watch! These Really Little Monsters Model Gaga Goo Goo Baby Clothes (Video)

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We think we’ve just caught a glimpse of not only the littlest, but probs the most adorbs Little Monsters ever! Lady Gaga is about launch a fashion line for babies and you’ve got to see these models. Okay, we’re totes kidding, she’s not actually launching a baby line. But she did film a “commercial” while on Jimmy Kimmel for Gaga Goo Goo, where babies wear meat dresses and “pee-wee platforms.” Just sayin’, this line has to happen.

Click on to see the little Little Monsters!

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What did you think of Gaga Goo Goo? Which baby’s outfit is your fave? Wouldn’t it be totally hilar if Gaga actually made this fashion line?! Sound off in the comments!