Morning Announcements: Is Lady Gaga (Not-So) Secretely An Alien?

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Lady Gaga has been looking pretty edgy lately. (Get it? Because she has pointy alien thingies all over her face? Ha!) [MTV]

Something tells us Justin Bieber isn’t going to be collaborating with Rebecca Black anytime soon… [Hollywood Life]

We could look at hot pics of shirtless Glee guys all day. Here’s the latest one that will knock your socks off. If Chord Overstreet wants to never wear a shirt again, that’d be great. [E!]

Will casting Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss inspire a rebellion from Hunger Games fans? [Movie Line]

Is Ezra leaving Rosewood High? And how amazing was last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars?! [TV Line]

Have you seen Jordin Sparks lately? Not that she hasn’t always been gorg, but the American Idol star has turned into a total stunner. [TV Guide]