Lady Gaga Is the Richest Celeb Ever Under 30. No Surprise There.

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When we think of Lady Gaga, we think of a super popular, weirdly dressed pop star who we can’t help but love. But after hearing that she had gone bankrupt not too long ago, we never thought we’d hear this! Forbes magazine has put Gaga at the #1 spot of their Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30 list, which puts her up there with the richest teen, Miley Cyrus. Not too shabby.

So how much is Gaga worth? And who else made the list?

Lady Gaga went home with $90 million this past year. How insane is that?! As for the rest of the richest:

#2 spot goes to… Justin Bieber, $53 million
#5 goes to.. Taylor Swift, $45 million
#6 spot is… Katy Perry, $44 million
#8 spot goes to a former top #1… Beyonce, $35 million
#11 went to… Rihanna, $29 million

Check out the full list at Forbes.com! What do you think of this list? Did you think Lady Gaga would be at the top? Who did you expect to make the list that didn’t? Sound off in the comments!