Fans Share Their Concerns For Lady Gaga’s Well Being Over Instgram Pics

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It's no secret that Lady Gaga's Little Monsters are some of the most dedicated fans out there, so when they think their Mother Monster is in danger, you bet they take action. In some cases though, their concern might be a bit over the top. Recently, Gaga shared a number of photos on her Instagram account that caused fans to "report" her behavior, which lead to her receiving an automated email from the Instagram team.

Apparently, fans were reporting the photos because they believed they were "inappropriate" because it "puts people at risk" of self harm, drug use or bullying. However, it looks like LG is taking it all in stride, as she tweeted a screenshot of the email saying:

And in case you're wondering what photos caused the concern, it was two different photos of writing in a notebook, which we're going to go ahead and assume are lyrics from her upcoming album, Artpop.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

After tweeting out the email screenshot, Gaga spoke a bit more about her latest studio effort, saying: "I feel like crying seeing your excitement for the new music it means the world to me, this music is my life. FUN FACT about ARTPOP: I sang the songs over and over until they transformed into a part of me. Then we pressed record. Each song on ARTPOP was inspired by different types of adrenalin, so it's an expression of the various rushes. I want you to feel them."

What do YOU think of all this? Were her fans a little too cautious? Or were they just looking out for her? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

Lady Gaga + The Muppets + A Christmas Special = Awesome.

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