Lady Gaga Tells Ellen She’s Into Self Expression. Um, Duh?! (Video)

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Lady Gaga was quite the busy one the other day during her appearance on The Ellen Show. First she performed her new single, “Judas,” for the first time ever. And then? She gave Ellen (and us little monsters, of course) tons of advice, like to love yourself and be who you are and all that mushy stuff. But don’t worry, guys. Just because the advice came from Gaga doesn’t mean you have to wear meat dresses and dye your hair crazy colors. Unless you’re into that. Then that’s cool.

So what else did Gaga have to say? Click on for our fave tidbits and to watch the full interview!

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So,  here are a few tips we took away from her interview. They’re kinda mushy but definitely worth reading:

1. We have the power to influence the world! Lady Gaga asks, “If you’re given a voice, what will you do with it? How will you change the world?”

2. It’s important to love ourselves. We love this Gaga quote which  talks about just that, “Love yourself, love who you are…you’re all you’ve got.”

3. What can we do to feel good about ourselves everyday? Gaga says, “Try every day for 15 minutes to have compassionate thoughts about yourself.”

Check out the whole interview below (she even talks about how she sleeps in those crazy outfits, too!) and let us know what you think!

What do you think of Gaga on Ellen? Do you agree with her advice? What’s your advice for loving yourself? Tell us in the comments!