Is Lady Gaga Getting Death Threats?

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When you’re super famous, stalkers and creepy fans pretty much come with the territory (just ask Joel Madden!)! But, apparently for Lady Gaga, so do death threats and hate mail! Showbiz Spy is reporting that one of Lady Gaga’s fans in Russia sent Gaga a letter that read “You come to my dreams. I want to die and I want to die together with you.”

Uh, poor English aside…

…the letter was really creepy. It also referenced Mark Chapman, who was infamous for killing Beatles’ John Lennon, and also included a threat from the fan that she would also kill herself.

So, of course Gaga’s camp has taken legal action and given the fan a restraining order, plus they’ve seriously tightened up security surrounded Gaga. As if it wasn’t super tight already…

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