Lady Gaga Sued for $10 Million By Bratz Doll Manufacturers

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All’s been quiet on the Lady Gaga front lately. (Well, other than getting back together with her hot boyfriend from The Vampire DiariesTaylor Kinney. Aww.) But that’s all about to change with the latest lawsuit involving the eccentric singer. MGA Entertainment, the toy makers behind the infamously large-headed Bratz dolls, just filed a claim against Gaga, as well as her management firm, Atom Factory, and Universal Music Group’s merchandising firm, Bravado International Group, over a breach of contract. The company says that all were associated with the delay in the approval of a Lady Gaga doll line, and are now seeking over $10 million in damages.

First, Bravado was supposedly given a $1 million advance for the product, and requested that it “be more supermodel-like.” Then, according to the NY Daily News, the pop star made a late request to remove a voice chip from the figures, jeopardizing retail deadlines to get the dolls on the market by the 2012 holiday season. It continues to mention that the manufacturer “claims Gaga acted in ‘bad faith’ because she prefers the doll to come out when her new album and perfume are released in 2013.” Which was apparently never in the original plans.

Now, the entertainment company alleges that its losses total approximately $28 million in revenue for missing out on fall of this year alone! (So, where did the number $10 million come from?) However, Gaga’s rep Amanda Silverman says that Mother Monster was totally unaware of the lawsuit, has “no legitimate reason” for being listed as one of the defendants and “will vigorously defend MGA’s ill-conceived lawsuit and is confident that she will prevail.”

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