Overachiever? Gaga’s Coming Out With Another Album, Too

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After the news spread like wildfire that both Rihanna and Taylor Swift would be coming out with new music later this year/early next, Lady Gaga had to jump on the bandwagon, too. But unlike RiRi and Tay, Gaga’s coming out with a remix album of “Born This Way” rather than all-new material, because, duh, she’s Gaga and she needs lots of time to put into her new music. But anyway, what’s the deal with the remix?

Billboard reports that bands like Foster the and The Weeknd will be remixing some of Gaga’s number one “Born This Way” hits. Oh, and? Gaga will also be releasing a DVD of her concert, called “Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden,” the same exact day that Taylor Swift’s concert DVD comes out — November 21.

Are you excited about Gaga’s remix album? Whose concert DVD will you be buying, Gaga’s or Taylor’s? Tell us here, mmmkay?!