Gaga vs. Beyonce: Who’s More Powerful?

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Lady Gaga may be the current reigning Queen of Pop (based on Rolling Stone, anyway), but Beyonce‘s always been one of our fave singing ladies. So we’re guessing it was a really tough call when Forbes named “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” of 2011, where both Bey and Gaga not only made the cut — they’re in the Top 20! Now it’s already a high-enough honor to even be considered for the list (we are talking about 100 powerhouses in the world here), but ultimately, one did beat out the other.

So, which “Telephone” singer is more powerful?

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According to Forbes, it’s Lady Gaga! LG banked $90 mil in the last year versus B’s $35 mil. But money’s not the only reason:

“Lady Gaga wears the crown of Forbes 2011 Most Powerful Celebrity, and it’s a title she’s made good on both in dollar signs and massive constituency. In July, Gaga became the first Twitter user to reach 12 million followers, trumping teen dream Justin Bieber and President Obama.”

And there you have it, folks. Do you think Gaga deserves her spot over Beyonce? Who do you think should’ve made the list? Spill your feelings in the comments!