Is Lady Gaga Bankrupt And In Debt?!

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Sure, Lady Gaga has sold tons of copies of her new album Born This Way, but now we’re hearing that Gaga is…wait for it…bankrupt. Poor. In debt. And it’s all because of her Monster’s Ball tour…

Apparently the costumes on Gaga’s tour were so elaborate and expensive that they put her in debt! Gaga said:

“I remember I called everybody and said, ‘Why is everyone saying I have no money? This is ridiculous, I have five No. 1 singles’—and they said, ‘Well, you’re $3m in debt.'” We’re pretty sure after your new album, you’re surely out of the red!

What do you think of Lady Gaga going bankrupt? Do you think maybe she should buy less expensive outfits for her shows? Did you think it could be possible for someone like Gaga to even go bankrupt in the first place? Sound off in the comments!