Lady Gaga Tweets New Album Details Plus a Sexy Photo of Her and Boyfriend Taylor Kinney

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Even though Lady Gaga didn’t get any nominations at the 2012 MTV VMAs, maybe she’ll have a better shot next year or something? Because Gaga is already tweeting out details on her upcoming fourth album, the next after “Born This Way,” which is scheduled to come out sometime in 2013.

Gaga tweeted out this pic of her new tattoo with the caption “New ink, new album,” on her official website,


Gaga later confirmed that ARTPOP is the official name for her next studio release, tweeting:

So make sure you write it like this: ARTPOP, guys! speculates that the album’s title could be an acronym for “Artistic Revolution Through the Potential of Pop”, which Gaga also mentioned via tweet, OR it could be a nod to famous artist Andy Warhol, whose trademark was Pop Art. Who knows.

Bu in other Gaga news, it seems that she and her BF, The Vampire Diaries hottie Taylor Kinney are back together. Either that or they just like swimming naked together for fun or something. Gaga posted this scandalous pic on her official website, and we think it’s pretty darn cute and the couple look more in love than ever. Please note the strategically placed hands across her chest:


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