Congratulations! An Adorable YouTube Couple Secretly Got Married

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Kyrah Stewart and Kaelin Edwards started making YouTube videos less than a year ago, but already have almost 1 million subscribers thanks to their hilarious prank videos that often went viral all over social media. About two months ago, the longtime couple announced that they were engaged, which fit perfectly with their plan to get married young. We didn’t realize, however, how soon they were going to make that happen.

The 19-year-olds scared the sh*t out of people a couple days ago when they uploaded a video titled “THE END OF KAELIN AND KYRAH.” You know YouTubers love their clickbait, so instead of the pair getting in front of the camera to tell subscribers they called off their engagement, they actually revealed that they secretly got married!

Kaelin explained, “Yes guys, it is true; we did get married. Now we’re not gonna tell you no specific dates, we’ll leave that up to theory. It’ll be fun for you guys to try to figure it out. But yes, we did get married. It was absolutely beautiful — I can’t wait to tell you the storytime about it. Wedding days never go as planned, but it was funny. The pictures came out nice. We also have a wedding video — oh my gosh, chills. We can’t wait to share that with you guys.”

And that’s basically all they told us about the surprise nuptials. UGH.

Kyrah and Kaelin first started dating when they were 13 years ago, broke up after being together for three months and then rekindled their relationship in high school; they haven’t been apart since.

We have chills already — what the heck are we going to do when we see the actual wedding footage?!?!

Unfortunately, these YouTubers actually did call off their engagement: