Kylie Jenner Slammed for Promoting Waist Trainer After Giving Birth

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Kylie Jenner is the queen of controversy and just because she’s a mom now doesn’t change that. In fact, it seems like she’s been facing even MORE backlash than usual ever since she gave birth to little Stormi Webster. Most of the time we just have to roll our eyes at what people criticize her for doing, though. Stepping out of the house even though she’s — GASP — a mother? How dare she!!!! *sarcasm* But sometimes, we understand where critics are coming from.

The 20-year-old is currently facing backlash for advertising a waist trainer (better known as a corset), a device used to cinch in your stomach and make you appear slimmer, to her young fans on Instagram.

She captioned a picture of herself wearing the belt, “My girl @premadonna87 hooked me up with the @waistgangsociety snap back package. #ad waistgang has the BEST quality snap back products. make sure you get your package & follow @waistgangsociety to join & keep up the journey together. tag us in photos, and head over to www.whatsawaist.com NOW! Use code (Kylie) for an exclusive discount & I can keep up with your progress #waistgangsociety #waistgang #fitness #whatwaist #whatsawaist.com”

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So, what exactly is a “snap back package,” you may ask? It was created specifically for mothers who are looking to “snap” their bodies “back” into pre-baby form after giving birth. The bundle costs just under $200 and contains a Postpartum Sweat Belt, Slimming Cold Gel, Cellulite & Toning Glove, Waist Tox Tea and Water Shed Pills. Interesting.

Kylie and her older sisters have been fans of waist-training for years, but the fact that she’s promoting it so soon after giving birth is making many of her followers v upset because it’s not healthy.

According to Dr. Taz Bhati, using waist trainers actually isn’t very good for you.

“It just crams all of your organs together,” the doctor explained. “So over a long period of time, wearing it too much and too frequently, it can cause damage, too, [and] interfere with breathing or contribute to heartburn.”