Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Are NOT Living Together, Despite Stormi’s Birth

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were dating for, like, five minutes before she got pregnant with the couple’s first child, Stormi Webster. The 20-year-old old stayed out of the spotlight for most of her pregnancy, which meant that people were not only unsure if she was actually carrying a baby, but also if she and the rapper were still together.

The pair squashed breakup rumors after they were photographed spending Christmas Eve together and then again when they posted that adorable “To Our Daughter” video, which documented their relationship throughout KJ’s secret pregnancy.

But even though Kylie and Travis are the parents of a week-old daughter, sources tell People magazine that they’re still not living together.

“Kylie and Travis are not officially living together,” the insider explains. “He has his own place. They are co-parenting though, and things are going great. They are together and happy.”

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The possibility of marriage is a question many people have been thinking about, but the source says that’s the furthest thing on the celebs’ minds at the moment.

The source continues, “They’re not in rush. They’re just enjoying their little family.”

The 25-year-old is apparently a very hands-on dad who’s “very sweet with his daughter.”

“He’s very protective of Kylie, and his family embraced her, too,” a different source previously revealed. “Kylie has matured a lot since becoming pregnant. She’s much less dramatic than when she was with [ex-boyfriend] Tyga.”

Kylie could’ve very well pushed to make her daughter a Jenner, but instead chose to give Stormi the last name Webster, which is Travis’ real last name.