Kylie Jenner JUST Started Dating Her BF, But They Already Got Matching Tattoos

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It’s been, like, five minutes since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott started dating. No one saw the pairing coming, especially since the rapper was once rumored to be hooking up with Kendall Jenner, but the 19- and 25-year-old have basically been inseparable ever since they got cozy at Coachella. We guess the teen didn’t learn from her ex-boyfriend’s regrettable tattoo decision, ’cause she and her brand-new bae freakin’ got matching ink!

The Life of Kylie star showed off her latest piece of body art, a small butterfly on her ankle, on Snapchat last night. The musician also debuted the same exact tat in the same exact location a few hours prior. Coincidence? We think not.

Travis probably decided to get the insect permanently inked on his body in honor of his new song, “Butterfly Effect,” but there’s no real reason that KJ chose to do the same…except, ya know, that she’s ~sooOooOOooooOOO in love~.

While some people thought KJ actually covered up her tattoo of a lowercase ‘t’ in honor of her former love, Tyga, with the butterfly, that bad boy is on her LEFT ankle, and the new addition is seemingly on her right. Ink for two separate lovers before the age of 20? *slow claps*

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