Kylie Jenner FINALLY Opens Up About Her Newborn Baby Daughter, Stormi

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Kylie Jenner has been doing everything and anything she can to keep all the details about her precious baby girl under wraps. But it looks like the lip kit queen is getting ready to do away with that rule, and after Ky’s super secretive pregnancy, we’ll take any updates on the new baby that we can get!

For those of you who have been wondering how Stormi Webster has been doing since she came into the world, well, wonder no more. It’s not surprising that the little one has been receiving all the love from her family members and fans from all around the world.

One of Kylie’s Twitter stans asked how the newborn was doing, and to everyone’s surprise — especially since she’s been SO tight-lipped about her pregnancy and everything after giving birth — the 20-year-old actually responded to the question! Even though she didn’t give away too much about Stormi, she did let her fan and the world know that she just cannot get enough of her little mini-me:

Isn’t that just the sweetest? While Ky is loving her new role as mommy to baby Stormi and gushed about her baby on Twitter, she still had time to let the world know that she’s totally not into the new Snapchat update and redesign.

The beauty mogul shaded the app hard with just a simple tweet, but Kylie eventually let the social media app that she still has major love for it:

To say that Kylie is pretty influential is an understatement, but we all have our fingers crossed that her word will trigger Team Snapchat to rethink about their update and maybe… go back to how things used to be? Well, we can only hope.