Kylie Jenner Clearly Has a Type. Here are 9 Rappers She Supposedly Dated

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Kylie Jenner is the queen of social media — she crushes it on Instagram and Snapchat like it’s her job (which, TBH… it kind of is). It’s super cool, because it allows her to make money, connect directly with her fans and promote whatever she deems worthy of a post. But it also means that everybody knows everything about her life. Or, at least, they think they do. And this, dear friends, is not super cool (for Kylie, that is).

We, on the other hand, love it. Kylie’s often-cryptic captions, occasionally blurry videos and probably intentionally selective filming are the things we live for. It gives us something to pore over with our co-workers when we arrive in the office every morning. Because, you know, that’s our job.

One of our favorite things in the ~social media universe~ is speculating about who’s dating whom, and then justifying our educated guesses to our friends/the world by frantically pulling up #receipts as proof. Nowadays, even a fleeting glimpse of a telltale piece of jewelry in a Snapchat story can spark whispers about celebrity relationships, and everyone wants to be the first to know about it when it’s the real deal — so this is how rumors start.

Kylie Jenner, being one of the most famous women in the world, has fallen victim to many a dating rumor in her short 19 years of life (poor gal — almost all of them are about millionaires! Must be hard). And, since we’re super nosy (always stay #true to yourself), we know about approximately… ALL.OF.THEM. This is pretty lucky for you, because we know you want to know, too.

The past dating rumors/relationships/hookups of Kylie Jenner are interesting in all forms, but today, we realized that most of her dating pool is made of rappers. And this got us wondering: How many of her exes (and rumored exes, because you never know) are actually rappers? It can’t be that many, we said to ourselves foolishly. We were wrong. It’s a lot. Scroll to see what we’re talking about: