15 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Our Feelings About Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy

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Back when TMZ broke the news of Kylie Jenner‘s pregnancy in September, no one was really sure what to believe. But now that we’ve had a few months to grapple with the crazy news and do a little sleuthing ourselves, we’re just wondering why the heck she’s holding onto her secret when she’s so clearly pregnant. From only shoulders-and-above posts on Instagram to baggy tees, not to mention sneaky paparazzi photos of her baby bump at Jordyn Woods‘ birthday party and the fact that she was M.I.A. from the KarJenner family Christmas photo, it’s so obvious. So what is she waiting for?

Some fans think she has already given birth, or that she and rumored baby daddy Travis Scott have called it quits. Who knows! One day we’ll watch it all play out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and get the deets from the famous fam themselves, but for now, we’re stuck in the dark. But at least we’ve got hilarious memes and exasperated tweets to confirm that we aren’t alone in our obsessing.

1. Right?

2. It’s kinda scary that this isn’t that that hard to believe.

3. LOL.

4. Ouch, tell Travis how you really feel…

5. Same, girl, same.

6. Relatable AF.

7. Not gonna happen though.

8. DEAD.

9. We’re onto her.

10. True!

11. That’s what we’re saying.

12. Seriously, she’s killing us.

13. No shame.

14. Us every day since September.

15. We’ve all been there.