All the Foods Kylie Jenner Looked Like in Her ~Interesting~ Red Ensemble

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Now that she dyed her hair platinum blonde, Kylie Jenner resembles Kim Kardashian more than ever. In addition to her hair, makeup and general appearance slowly transforming into her older sister’s, the 19-year-old is obviously also taking style tips from the 35-year-old. Yes, Kim K dresses in some of the most exclusive pieces on the planet, but her fashion sense isn’t always the most normal, if you know what we mean.

When Tyga‘s bae stepped out in NYC to attend Kanye West‘s concert in NYC last night, fans couldn’t help but notice that her ~unique~ red ensemble looked a whole lot like some of your favorite foods. Yes, you read that right — Kylie’s (most likely) super-expensive outfit was basc edible in the eyes of many. Here are all the food items KJ’s ensem resembled:

1. This thanksgiving side dish:

2. Fruit snacks:

3. AND leather:

4. This childhood fave:

5. And the fancy version of it:

6. Your grandma’s fave:

This isn’t the first time Kylie’s made an ~interesting~ outfit choice: