9 Things Kylie Jenner Looks Like on the Cover of Paper Magazine

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Kylie Jenner’s ever-changing appearance has garnered a lot of ~interesting~ responses. Whether the Internet is making fun of her growing lips, or comparing her colorful hair to various characters, people never get bored of making her the butt of a joke. So when the 18 year old debuted her new Paper magazine cover featuring a highly unique pink aesthetic, you know they went IN. Here are all the things the web thinks KJ looks like:

1. A pink-haired Sim:

2. Stephanie from LazyTown:

3. Flappy Bird:

4. Big Ang:



5. Blac Chyna:

Instagram (@BlacChyna)

Instagram (@BlacChyna)

6. Pepe the Frog:

7. This other LazyTown character:

8. Kris Jenner:

9. A member of The Doodlebops:

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