So, Kylie Jenner is Totally Missing from the Kardashian Christmas Card

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When Kim Kardashian started revealing little snippets of the family’s infamous holiday card as a 25 Days of Christmas countdown, people quickly started to theorize that Kylie Jenner would make her appearance at the very end, finally showing off her baby bump. So, as fans were opening presents and eating yummy food with their families yesterday, they were also refreshing their Twitter and Instagram pages in hopes of catching a glimpse of KJ’s pregnancy. But, in true KarJenner fashion, the famous fam trolled the heck out of all…’cause the 20-year-old is MISSING from the final card altogether.

KKW posted the final image of the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card yesterday evening (typical, because people were literally waiting all day), which featured Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian modeling their little hearts out, Khloe Kardashian hiding her baby bump, Kris Jenner being a good grandma and tons more, but among all the chaos, the Kylie Cosmetics founder was M.I.A.

Rob Kardashian also didn’t appear in the photo, but all fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians know that this isn’t too shocking, as he often missed family events (like Kim and Kanye West‘s wedding) in the past due to self-confidence issues.

So where the heck was Kylie? The maybe mom-to-be has always appeared in the family’s Christmas cards and usually is the first to jump at the opportunity to be photographed. According to a source, the brunette was “obviously pregnant” at Kris’ epic Christmas Eve party and she confirmed that she attended on Khloe’s Snapchat.

Maybe she’s waiting for the KUWKTK finale to finally confirm (or perhaps deny) the rumors? Maybe she won’t reveal anything until after the baby is born? At this point, nothing would surprise us.