11 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Dupes That Actually Work

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My feelings on Kylie Jenner are complicated. In fact, they are so complicated that I have accidentally turned a significant amount of our content into my own personal diary in which I work out my own thoughts on the teen real estate owner, lip kit mogul and Snapchat genius. Do I like her? Do I loathe her? Do I admire her savvy business acumen, but pity her for never truly getting to live the life of a normal teen? Do I sometimes find myself wishing that Kylie Jenner might disappear from my life forever, despite the fact that I follow her on every possible channel of social media, and cackle loudly at every Kylie Jenner-themed meme I come across? Do I understand that writing constantly about King Kylie makes me complicit in her oversaturation, as well as the prison of fame that holds her captive? Who can say?!

But there is at least one thing I know to be true about Kylie Jenner. Her lip kits — despite being embroiled in some sort of drama pretty much every other week — are excellent. Seriously. The matte shades are actually matte, the colors last for hours and the shades look good on pretty much everyone. The main problem, though, is that the lip kits themselves are nearly impossible to get ahold of. Every restock sells out within minutes, and, at press time, not a single item on was available for sale. Plus. they’re expensive — $29 a pop adds up in a big way. What’s a girl to do? Find some dupes, obviously! So, check out these awesome Kylie Jenner lip kit dupes that actually work:

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